Hollywood Star Wars

What’s that flying down Hollywood Boulevard? Well, if you’re in the vicinity that runs between Ivar Avenue and Argyle Avenue, it could very well be a Star Wars drone that you see zipping by. That’s because, similar to last year around this same time frame, during the premier of The Force Awakens, several streets in the Hollywood area will be closed off later this week due to the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In fact, there are several streets in the immediate area that are slated to be roped off at various time frames through mid-month. So, for those who live or work in the area, you may need to plan your coming and going to beat or avoid the detours.

That being said, if you’re an avid fan of the Jedi, you may have an incentive to head this way on a regular basis. That’s because, since Disney has taken over the Star Wars empire, there will be a new addition to the saga that premiers every year.

And, while the 2015 premiere of Force Awakens occurred at three different theaters, it is thought by some that, even though the location hasn’t been officially announced, it could take place in or around the Pantages Theatre.

Just like last year’s event, security will be out in force, with the entire area being patrolled by a detail that makes even the Academy Awards pale in comparison. So, don your light-saber and head over to Hollywood Boulevard – or, alternatively, if you want to avoid all the fan fare, consider slipping out of town for several days.