Although there is certainly no shortage of impressive real estate throughout the southern California coast, it appears that the most expensive deal in Malibu, as well as in Los Angeles county, may be happening right now.

Canadian investor Daryl Katz – who is also the owner of the Edmonton Oilers professional hockey franchise – is reportedly in escrow on a death to purchase an $85 million beach home. But that’s not all. In addition, because Katz is also buying the contents of the home – for an additional price tag of roughly $35 million – the total $120 million deal will zoom to the top of the list.

So what exactly does $120 million get you in Malibu these days?

For starters, Katz will be the proud new owner of a six acre, seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom, waterfront property that includes a workout room, a screening room, and the longest swimming pool in the entire state of California (which, in case you were wondering, is 168 feet – or half the length or a football field).

In addition to a plethora of countless other amenities and priceless furnishing, the walls of the home are said to be adorned with valuable artwork from the likes of Ed Ruscha and the famed Andy Warhol.