As the now-official host of the 2028 Olympic Games, Los Angeles has a bit of time to prepare for the big event. Yet, in some ways, given the City of Angels former hosting status, there may not be a significant amount of planning to do. That’s because many of the buildings where various events will be taking place have already been built – and for those that aren’t, there is a fairly long time line with which to get things done.

Some of the key locations include:

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – An “old pro” with Olympic events, this venue has already hosted two such affairs – the first one back in 1932, and the other more recently in 1984. Here you will find the track and field competitions, as well as the closing ceremony.

Dedeaux Field and Galen Center – The current baseball stadium for USC will be temporarily turned into a swimming and diving space for the 2028 games, while the arena that typically holds volleyball and basketball competitions for the University will be home to the badminton events in ’28.

LA Stadium at Hollywood Park – Although not yet a physical structure, the future home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams football teams – which is anticipated to open in 2020 – will play host to the games’ opening ceremonies, as well as to the archery events.

As the time draws closer for LA’s next Olympic events, more details on scheduling will become available.