Summer is right around the corner and usually this is the time of year when we present our summer photo contest! Remember last year’s winner took our newsletter all the way to the Colosseum in Rome? Since international travel may be tough these days, we are keeping this year’s contest nice and easy. First off, we would like to offer you either a brand new Ben Lee baseball cap or beach towel. Email me ( with your address (must be local.

Please write “ADDRESS” in the subject line). We will wear gloves and leave the item on your doorstep within a day or two. Then, once you have either the towel or cap, take a picture of a family member using it. Maybe the hat will come in handy taking a socially distant walk around the neighborhood? Perhaps you could use the towel while catching some sun in the backyard? Just take a picture and send it to me with SUMMER in the subject line. Everyone who enters gets a small prize. If you rather not take part in the contest but would like an item anyway, that’s fine, too! Just email me where we can drop off the item and then enjoy. Thanks and hope you like your new cap or towel!