tips for moving

We’ve been exploring tips for moving houses and how to manage a move with small children to make the experience as enjoyable as it is manageable. Today’s tip brings a little bit of magic into the equation!

A Room with a View:
Imagine your children’s utter excitement upon walking into their brand new house for the very first time, seeing every room is cluttered with half emptied boxes, wrapped up artifacts and basic chaos until he/she opens the door of his/her room and like magic, it’s totally decorated and completely perfect. Like a fairy princess has waved her magic wand and deemed their room(s) to be an utter oasis amidst a mini-world of mayhem.  This would be a very wonderful thing if it’s possible for you to pull it off: have your children’s rooms fully finished before they see it on moving day. Their beds set up, favorite toys and blankets and stuffed animals exactly in their right places… let their bedrooms feel like safe, little nests within the home. Any lingering feelings of anxiety on moving day will float away if you can pull this off. Even if the rest of the house is in a state of unpacking shambles, at least their room will feel perfectly beautiful and they may start to believe in fairy tales once again.

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