A quarantine order based on the coronavirus is not new to the neighborhood. In the early 1950’s before the Salk vaccine had been developed, children and their parents were frightened greatly by the threat of the polio virus. Franklin D Roosevelt had been stricken and he had started the March of Dimes to confront the scourge. It was a particularly scary time in post WWII west side Los Angeles where public swimming pools were off limits and crowds were to be avoided so that the virus could be isolated. The specter of children in ungainly iron lungs with little faces peeking out from the opening of the machines filled the newspapers. In Cheviot Hills, Marshall Nims who lived on Wigtown Road was stricken. Immediately, the public health authorities posted the home with a QUARANTINE sign. No one was permitted to go near the house. Unfortunately, Marshall was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life which was cut short by the infection. No other members of his family were infected and his brother Roger was later a star on the Hamilton High School baseball team and his father was well known in the film business but the fact of a quarantine because of a fearsome virus is history repeating itself.