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Seth Rogen Is Selling His Spanish-Style Hollywood Bungalow

By |November 23rd, 2020|Celebrity Real Estate|

Seth Rogen has listed his Hollywood home for $2,125,000. The Spanish-Style bungalow hit the market in early October and is already currently showing a status of pending.

The home is made up of four bedrooms and three bathrooms on 2,853 square feet.

The home was built in 1923 and has beautiful dark hardwood floors throughout. The property has a two car garage.

Pictures attached are of Seth Rogen’s new Spanish-style bungalow that he bought earlier this year for $1.93 million.

The new home includes many features and upgrades as compared to his bungalow that he’s currently selling.

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Scott Disick Hidden Hills Flip

By |November 18th, 2020|Celebrity Real Estate|

Scott Disick can frequently be found flipping homes in the Los Angeles area. He recently bought, remodeled and finally sold this Hidden Hills home for $5.6 million.

As I mentioned, this home is located in the guard-gated community of Hidden Hills. I actually recently wrote about Miley Cyrus’ recent Hidden Hills  home purchase. Her home is just down the street from this Disick flip.

Disick purchased the home in 2018 for $3,235,000. The home was originally built in 1973 and was a bit dated. He helped engineer and bring to life a much more appealing, modern farmhouse style home.

The 5,663 square foot layout was totally transformed!

The home places a great emphasis on the indoor-outdoor luxury living. Looking at the before/after pictures really shows how much more of a statement the home is now.

The living area features vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, a massive center island, pocket doors to the backyard, white-oak cabinetry and Miele appliances.

Take a look at the pictures!

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Miley Cyrus Bought in Hidden Hills

By |November 16th, 2020|Celebrity Real Estate|

Miley Cyrus has rebought in Hidden Hills this past summer. Variety reported that she purchased a newly remodeled home for under $5 million.

Many celebs have sought privacy in the Hidden Hills community due to the fact that it’s a gated community.

The home initially came to the market for just under $5.5M, but quickly dropped to $5,099,000. Before making the purchase, Cyrus was able to knock off even more money from the price.

The home was remodeled in 2018 and includes a beautiful kitchen with top-notch appliances, an oversized island and much more. The property is made up of 1.1 acres and the backyard boasts a very grotto-style aesthetic.

Take a look at the pictures; the home is gorgeous!

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Even in 2020, We are Thankful!

By |November 12th, 2020|From The Newsletter|

It’s November and for me, nothing symbolizes the month in more illustrious color than a bustling and festive Thanksgiving Dinner. It has always been my favorite holiday and I look forward to it all year long. I love that it doesn’t focus on frantically unwrapping presents- that the only gift being given and received is food. I love the chaos that comes from cramming many people together in a crazy pattern of tables set up in intricate ways in an effort to make the most efficient use of indoor space.

One of the accidental traditions we seem to adopt year after year is the surprise number of random guests who join the festivities. One Thanksgiving we included a handful of Taiwanese foreign exchange students from UCLA who were stuck on campus for the holiday. That happened to be the year our middle son was working on his 3rdgrade artist report and Thanksgiving provided the perfect tableau for recreating Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, Freedom From Want. All of a sudden someone yelled, “It’s time! It’s time! Take your seats!” and while my wife held the turkey, I posed along side her and a flurry of relatives quickly grabbed their pre-assigned positions to pose in perfect imitation of Rockwell’s painting. Those poor, confused Bruin students attempted to sit down, too, only to be thwarted by a relative who had already been assigned his part to play in the re-creation. I think we might have quickly tossed the camera to one of them to snap our picture but it all happened so fast, who can remember? All I know is for years I wondered what those nice kids told their relatives about how a typical American family celebrates Thanksgiving. Did they think this was what happened in every household or just ours? I imagine their confusion at subsequent parties wondering why other hosts didn’t insist on taking a highly orchestrated picture before allowing anyone actually to eat any food.

Our Thanksgiving Dinners are always fairly large because my wife and I were both born in Los Angeles and our extended families still live here, too. When we started hosting about a decade ago, both sides of the family came and the holiday has progressively grown a bit bigger. The core group has expanded to also include a few extra people and every year is different. There will usually be a few random relatives we don’t see too often or maybe my in-laws’ neighbors who would otherwise be alone. I think one year we had a friend of my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. No one should be alone on Thanksgiving and there’s always room for a few more at our house. Last year my brother called at the last minute to say a handful of singers from the Young Artists program he runs at L.A. Opera had no whereto go and could we invite them, too? Tables were rearranged and reset to accommodate the twelve or so extra guests. My brother whipped up a few extra pies and a grand time was had by all. We didn’t make them sing for their supper as it were but it was pretty special to be serenaded by some of L.A. Opera’s most talented young stars when they spontaneously broke into song after dessert. I don’t think any of us were expecting dinner and a show that night and it was definitely one to remember.

So, who knows how Thanksgiving2020 will look? I imagine significantly different than in previous years. We probably won’t have the Macy’s Day Parade to watch in the morning but imagine we’ll still be able to go on our annual pre-dinner hike. We will hopefully still have our close family members over to eat but not sure anyone in the high-risk category is willing to take the risk. And this maybe the first time ever when we’ll have to deny an invite to someone with nowhere else to go. Actually, pandemic or not, I can’t imagine that will ever be the case. In fact I could see us having everyone sit at individual TV tables with a single serving Hungry Man frozen turkey dinner before we would ever turn anyone away. But no doubt this year will be different than any other Thanksgiving. Possibly smaller, perhaps held outside, definitely masked and a greater selection of hand sanitizers at every table. We are prepared to be flexible and have an open heart and mind when it comes to Thanksgiving 2020 and acknowledge that “different” does not necessarily mean “bad.” As long as the turkey is tender, pies are plentiful and corn is creamy, everything will be right as rain (but please, no rain! Not while we’re eating outside!).

Jason Statham Cuts Price on His L.A. Midcentury Modern

By |November 11th, 2020|Celebrity Real Estate|

Jason Statham who starred in the “Fast and Furious” has cut the price of his midcentury modern home in Los Angeles. He had first listed the property in March for just under $7M, but has now cut the price down to $6.2M.

The home was originally purchased in 2015 for $2.7M. Jason had renovated it for guests and used it as his office and gym. He and Jeff Allsbrook of Standard Architecture designed and renovated the home in a short 18 month timespan.

The home was originally built in 1957 and is made up of four bedrooms and three bathrooms on 3,000 square feet. It features both an indoor and outdoor floor plan which is ideal for entertaining.

Statham is a serial home flipper and has decided to put the home on the market in search of another project.

Rayni Williams with The Beverly Hills Estates Inc. holds the listing for this home.

Contact me if you’re interested in buying or selling your home in the Los Angeles area.

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