With its bid firmly in place for hosting the 2024 Olympics, artists’ renderings have begun to be presented which detail various sites around Los Angeles where the events would likely take place.

There are numerous potential venues, which offer ample space for the Olympians to perform, including a space for water polo, handball, marathon swimming, and sailing, as well as for the famed triathlon.

In addition, there will also be a long list of items on tap for spectators of the games. These include seating and food venues for both ticketed viewers, as well as other curious patrons. Presently, there are four sports parks in the plan, which are located in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as in Long Beach, Carson, and in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation area.

While preparing for the 2024 event would require a long list of construction projects – for both indoor and outdoor events – in a number of distinct areas around the city, should the City of Angels win the opportunity to play host to the Olympic games, none of the structures that are created would be permanent.

So, once the games are completed, the temporary venues can be easily dismantled – which in turn, can help Los Angeles to sidestep the financial loss that has been a sore spot for numerous past hosts of the games.

Currently, LA is one of only two cities that are still left in the running, with the other competitor being Paris. And, while the International Olympic Committee will not decide the winner until this coming September, there have been hints that the losing city for 2024 may be awarded the following games in 2028.