If you’ve been looking for a way to spend these late summer days, while at the same time burning a few calories, then take a hike!

Here in Southern California, there is actually an endless array of outdoor activities to consider. But there are several hiking trails in particular that offer breathtaking sights and scenes along their routes.

One that stands out is Malibu Creek State Park. Here you will find acres of trees, along with some nice waterfalls coming off the bluffs. As an extra added bonus, parts of this park were used in the filming of the iconic show MASH, so you are also likely to come across some old “Army” jeeps and other eye-catching props that were left behind.

Another area to consider for both exercise and awe is Echo Mountain. Here you can start your hike at the top of Lake Avenue. This roughly five mile route offers a number of shaded areas, as well as places to stop, take a break, and even enjoy a picnic.

If you’re looking for even more of a view, then be sure to check out Wildwood Canyon in Burbank. This two mile loop offers some fantastic views of the city down below. There are also some nice amenities here, including ample restrooms, and picnic areas.