When it comes to buying your dream home, it’s really not about those flashy magazine spreads or trying to mimic what the trendiest celebrity has just purchased. Your dream home needs to be extremely specific for what you need. We’ve already narrowed down your search quite a bit by determining certain factors that are most crucial to what you need in a home, including stairs/no stairs, neighborhood, kinds of streets, etc. Today we’re moving indoors and deciding how many bedrooms/bathrooms are necessary to find the home you’ve been dreaming about.


Make some room(s)

The main focus of this discussion has been to consider your needs and to be honest with yourself and your situation. How many children do you have? They may be young enough to share a bedroom today but if this is a home you’re planning on living in for a while, the kids may eventually need space of their own. What about overnight guests? Do you live in a city that attracts many long-lost relatives needing a place to crash for the night? Maybe you or your spouse snores and you need a separate spot in the house with a comfortable couch for nights you really need to get a good night’s sleep. Buying a house is a little bit like getting married. The quirks that may seem enduring in the beginning typically do not go away so it’s smart to really decide from the get-go how many bedrooms you need before settling on purchasing a particular property.  The same philosophy can be used how many bathrooms the home has, too.  Do you entertain a lot? Do you want those long-lost relatives who are visiting from out of town to knock on your bathroom door at all hours of the day/night?  Typical master bedroom suites will offer just one attached bathroom so then ask yourself: do I want to share a sink with my partner and fight for mirror and sink space? Or do I need to have a separate vanity and space all for myself? These are important questions to ask before buying.

Just remember: the house could be the most gorgeous flower in the bouquet but if it doesn’t provide what you NEED, then it’s best to put the flower back in the vase and keep searching.

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