So, a nice thing happened last week that deserves repeating if only to remind us that there are still very kind people in the world.  A neighbor and reader of this newsletter reached out to purchase two of my father-in-law’s books, Westside Stories. The books cost $20 each and my wife brought him the two copies he had requested. So, he paid her $40 for the books and then, in an unexpected and generous gesture, he presented her with an additional $20 with a directive to donate it to a worthy cause of her choosing.  Lilli opted to give the money to one of our family’s favorite teachers at Castle Heights Elementary so she could purchase supplies for her classroom. It felt good to pay it forward and know that the donation would be used and enjoyed immediately. Everyone knows how underfunded our local public schools are and even though we no longer have students enrolled, we know how crucial donations are to keep the standards of education so high. With that in mind, perhaps you would be interested in attending Castle Heights’ upcoming Spring Auction? It’s the number one fundraiser of the year and open to the public (with paid admission). Perhaps you own or know of a local business and could provide a gift certificate or discount that the Castle Heights community could bid on? The event will be held at the Mark on Pico on April 25 and an admission ticket includes food, drinks, a live/ silent auction and the opportunity to chat with parents and teachers. There will also be an on-line auction that opens to the public on April 17. Please contact one of this year’s Spring Auction co-chairs Kristi Litton at if you’re interested in donating, attending or learning more about this worthwhile event!