Looking for Just the Right Color Scheme for Your Home?

By |April 13th, 2020|Categories: Local news|

Check Out this Santa Barbara Artist’s Eye-Catching Creation

Deciding on just the right color scheme for a new or existing home can be somewhat overwhelming. There are literally more than 50 shades of white. So, how do you narrow it down to just one?

The answer is – you don’t have to! 

At least, not according to a Santa Barbara artist who didn’t want to leave anything out when renovating her former 1970s home.

Going with an idea that she’s been harboring for forty years – ever since a trip to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico – Jane Gottlieb noticed that most of the homes there were brightly colored. 

Immediately after her return to California, she decided to paint her then-current home with a wide array of shades. And, she has been doing so ever since, even though some of her friends initially laughed.

Gottlieb says that the bright, happy colors “make everything feel better.” The home she shares with her husband today is perched in the Santa Barbara hills, and it offers a view of the ocean. Originally beige and brown when the couple purchased it, the artist has completely transformed its look – both inside and out. 

While she loves how the home stands out amongst the surrounding trees, she admits that it is necessary to repaint periodically, in order to keep things bright. You can check out her current color creation here. 

Photography by Leela Cyd