The best neighbors 1

Cheviot Hills has the best neighbors! This past weekend, a rather special thing occurred.  My wife Lilli and I threw a party to thank and honor my past and present clients. People who helped make my real estate business thrive and who entrusted me to help them either sell or buy properties.

The best neighbors 2

What struck me as particularly remarkable was that this party didn’t feel populated with clients. Each person who entered our home and greeted my wife and I with warm hugs and enormous smiles somehow went from being work associates to cherished friends.  Each of my ‘clients’ came to this party because there was a solid bond between us, one that made me so proud. A connection that was made that altered the original relationship and propelled it from professional to familial.

The best neighbors 3

Guests included Susan, a Cheviot Hills seller who was anxious to meet my mother-in-law because she had been friends with her brother back at Hamilton High.  There was Peter and Jilda who used me to lease their home in Cheviot and then recommended me to their kids when it was time to sell in Beverlywood and buy something new in Cheviot. Peter, Jilda and their daughter and son-in-law all came to the party, so happy to raise a glass with me, not to toast their real estate transactions, but to say ‘cheers’ to our friendship.  A handful of couples that were in attendance were busy checking dates with my wife so we could plan our next dinners or vacations together.

The best neighbors 4

I’d like to think that this experience is unique to me. I really do believe that I have managed to carve a special bond with the majority of the people I have worked with, so much so that the line between ‘client’ and ‘friend’ has been blurred.  I love that  my ‘client appreciation party’ needs a new kind of title to reflect that the people I’ve worked with have surpassed the rather cold title of ‘client’ and can come into my home, enjoy my food, share my wine, meet my kids and go from being business connections to becoming a part of the family.

The best neighbors 5

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