agents vs brokers

We’ve been talking about different strategies relating to hiring a real estate broker and the types of questions you should be asking during the interview process to insure that you hire someone qualified and trustworthy. This, as we have mentioned, is quite possibly the single largest investment you will make so it’s crucial you hitch your wagon to a horse who can really win the race.

Here is tip #5: Go Big – Agents vs Brokers.

Size Matters: Many real estate agents are also brokers (me, included). The difference between agents vs brokers?  A broker has the highest level of training and credentials, more so than just an agent. A broker can do everything an agent can do with added responsibilities and expertise. My legal training allowed me to achieve this title. Another added bonus: brokers can oversee other agents and actually run and own a real estate firm. Despite being legally allowed to do this, many brokers choose to work under the umbrella of an established firm. I belong in this category. While I don’t NEED to hang my shingle under Coldwell Banker, I choose to do so for a variety of reasons.  Mine is the top producing Coldwell Banker office in America and I am number 10 out of 82,000 CB agents across the globe.  That means I have access to the highest producing agents and all of their clients all over the world! Our network is enormous, endless and the most active in the business. When a client hires me, he knows that I can get the word out about his property to this astounding labyrinth of individuals in every neighborhood worldwide.  For well over 100 years, Coldwell Banker has been in this business, buying and selling houses.  It is a trusted brand that is second to none. The levels of experience that comes with that reputation, spread out among 3,000 offices in 49 countries is huge.  Representing this organization speaks louder and does much more than if I opened up a small office of my own or worked from home, even though I could do that, too. Beyond that- with size comes the ability to market much wider than working in a smaller brokerage house.  Yes, you’re hiring one agent but he comes with the support of over 80,000 other individuals. Not to mention all the support staff, managers, marketing experts and clerical help. You know what they say about marriage: you’re not just marrying your spouse but the entire family? In residential brokerage, that is a huge benefit and will ultimately result in a more successful outcome for you, the client.

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