Or Just the One with the Highest Price Tag?

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos recently purchased a new abode – and true to his “going all in” mindset, it’s pretty impressive. Sitting on more than 9 acres, this Beverly Hills estate – known by manyas the Warner Estate – was most recently lived in (and purchased with cash for in excess of $47 million) by famed record producer David Geffen, who called it home for roughly two decades.

Touted as the “richest person in the world” based on his estimated roughly $115 billion net worth (and followed closely by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg), Bezos reportedly picked up the property for a mere $165 million, after touring “mega” mansions for more than a year to find just the right one. The sale price captured the top spot as the most expensive home ever sold in California.  

Shrouded by tall hedges for added privacy, it’s been said that the home has a 50-foot long bar inside, along with a pool, tennis court, and two guest houses. Just some of the other unique amenities found here include a tree-lined driveway, fern gardens, and even a “small” 9-hole golf course.