My Coldwell Banker office is in the heart of Beverly Hills, literally surrounded by some of the best restaurants and finest dining in the country. You can’t beat it for people watching, power lunching and celebrity sighting if you happen to be into that kind of thing. I love patio dining in Beverly Hills as much as the next guy, however, when I am really craving something quick, delicious and Beverly Hills-y without the pretentiousness, I head to my favorite restaurant on South Robertson: Dolce Isola.

Dolce Isola in Beverly HillsIf you’re familiar with Beverly Hills restaurants, this hidden neighborhood gem should look familiar. Dolce Isola is the bakery and café for The Ivy so the china and menu mimics its big brother to the north. I love to stop by this tiny café if it’s near lunchtime and I’m either in between showings or needing to drive to Beverlywood or Cheviot from my office.

Located in the area sometimes referred to as SORO or Beverlywood Adjacent, Dolce Isola offers a wide variety of salads and sandwiches as well as a heavily stocked bakery counter with all the most tempting cookies, cakes and tarts that are nearly impossible to deny yourself after a relatively healthy lunch. You may beg to differ but I say the best thing on the menu is the fish tacos. Clean with just the right amount of tang and spice, the portions are generous but always leave me craving more. I would put these fish tacos up against any others this side of the Mexican border and you don’t even need to go east of Robertson to try them.

Only negative about this restaurant is that it’s small and the seating is a little bit tight in the downstairs area. There is an upstairs but that room never feels as festive. I’m not even sure if it’s available for seating, it may just be used for private parties.

In any case, the next time you find yourself without a lunch destination and you are in this neck of the woods, I recommend you give Dolce Isola a try. Sure you could go all the way up to its fancy schmancy cousin The Ivy– but unless you’re courting paparazzi, you’re better off in this slightly more down-to-earth locale. Here you may battle a student or two from Hamilton High eyeing that last chocolate chip cookie, but that’s a small price to pay for enjoying the best fish tacos you’ll have on the West Side.