I spent this past Father’s Day with my wife, sons, my brother, Josh and his husband, Brady. It marked the first Father’s Day we shared without our mom sharing the holiday with us but it also happened to be the last Father’s Day my brother and Brady will celebrate before actually becoming official fathers, themselves. They are expecting their first child later this week, my first nephew, my boys’ first first-cousin. They are excited and nervous and anxious and thrilled- exactly how my wife and I felt before our first son was born. My brother and Brady moved in with my mother before she passed away in April. The house is just a few blocks away from where my family lives in Cheviot Hills and the plan is for my brothers to stay in my mom’s home while they’re finishing up completion of their house in Topanga. Selfishly, I’m hoping they stay close by even after their house is finished. We’re all so excited to have this newest addition to our family live so close, especially now that my mom, the grandmother he’ll never meet, wasn’t able to live to see him come home. So, on this first real Father’s Day with a baby on the way, it felt nice to share the occasion together. My wife and I presented them with everything we had wished someone had given us before our first son was born. Weird things you don’t think to register for like diapers that were actually the right size. A tiny suction for his nose in case he’s stuffed up. Infant Motrin to have on hand in case he runs a little fever. Gas drops. As much as we try to prepare them, some lessons just have to be gleaned from on-the-job training. You don’t really ever fully appreciate the magnitude of caring for a baby until you’re doing it on your own, around the clock. And even then, you don’t really ever fully know what you’re doing. But, there’s something so lovely about a baby who is so eagerly anticipated with such love, joy and excitement surrounding him. Not everyone gets to enter the world that way and it’s a lucky thing to be so wanted and adored even before he takes his first breath. If anyone will be amazing fathers, I know it’ll be my younger brother and brother-in-law. And even though no one could ever take the place of this baby’s grandmother, my mother, it’s nice to know he has the love and affection of not just his dad’s, but three cousins, an aunt, an uncle, lots of friends and a handful of dogs eager to shower upon him all the cuddling and devotion that she would’ve done so with utter and complete enthusiastic gusto. Can’t wait to meet you, new baby boy. The world and our family will be a better place after having you in it.