Earthquake Preparedness

So much talk has been given to El Nino this year, it’s easy to forget we still live in earthquake territory! A presentation on Earthquake Preparedness will be given on November 12, 2015, courtesy of Beverlywood resident and retired EMT and CERT member Marci Sandell. As a First Aid Instructor (and fabulous public speaker), she is determined to keep her community safe and informed by presenting these programs to homeowners’ associations around town, free of charge.

On November 12, from 7- 8:30 pm in the Castle Heights Elementary School’s auditorium, you will learn some valuable tips about making a family plan, building an earthquake ‘go bag’ and how to survive a major disaster. Space is limited, so if you are interested in joining this informative evening, please e-mail Marci with ‘Movie’ in the subject line and include your name and those who will be coming with you to

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