If you’re in the mood for free, delicious hamburgers and fun for the whole family then save the date of October 6. Ben Lee is one of the sponsors for the annual Country Club Estates Block Party! That same weekend is also Castle Heights’ all school camp out so if you happen to be driving by the schoolyard and notice a lot of tents pitched on the grass, don’t worry- it’s not a protest! Every year, families spend the night under the stars and it’s gotten more and more popular with every year since its inception back in 2010. And, speaking of Castle Heights- there will be a new family picnic on September 8 at Shechter Park. Bring your own lunch and let the kids play while you get all your pressing questions answered by fellow parents and school administration. One more date in October to consider: on 10/16, my wife is hosting the neighborhood ladies’ wine night. Email her if you would like to come or if you’d like to be added to the list for future get-togethers: lillijlee@yahoo.com.