Our middle son Spencer was recently accepted to the Academy of Music & Performing Arts at Hamilton High School. Exciting news, however, not an easy decision because he is still happy at his current school, the Geffen Academy at UCLA. His love of the arts ultimately won out and Spencer decided to give AMPA a try, much to the delight of his grandfather (Hamilton High Class of 1953). The following is a note from my father-in-law to Spencer, reprinted with their permission. Go Yankees!

Dear Spencer,
I did not want to influence you in any way but if you do choose to go to the Hamilton Academy you will have my support and approval. Hamilton today is far different from when I attended. For example, smoking in the boys’ lavatory is no longer cool; sitting in someone else’s car to listen to the radio is not done anymore; the musical presented when I was there was OH Susannah which I doubt would be very popular today; the girls did not wear pants and there were rules about how short their dresses could be; there is no longer making-out on Hamilton Hill (now known as Anchor Avenue); the football team won one game when I was there and now I believe it is pretty good; the front parking lot was a beautiful green lawn; the auditorium was known as Wiedlock Hall and now it is named after the guy who started a radio network and contributed to its refurbishment; the swim team practiced at a Catholic school on Beverly Drive near Cattaraugus which is now covered in houses; the girls had social clubs; the teachers were mostly WW II vets or their spouses and their political views were pretty far right except for the most popular Mrs. Bettington who was on the left; and there were slide rules for physics not computers. So if you do decide to go there it will be in a tradition carried out by your great uncles and grandfathers and grandmother and I am sure you will make us all proud. All I suggest is that when you are giving the valedictory please say that you owe it all to Poppa Michael.
Poppa Michael