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Summer is officially here! That means: longer, sun-drenched days; leisurely nighttime swims and an influx of relaxed attitudes mixed with dashes of adventurous spirits. Not to be a Debbie Downer about it, but while the rest of us are lounging around and building sand castles, criminals are getting down to business. Summertime always brings an increased level of criminal activity and it’s crucial to take a fresh look at the precautions you take to keep your family (and belongings) safe. Most of these home safety tips are old news but still bear repeating.

1. Get an alarm system, exterior cameras and/or a watchdog. These all act as deterrents to would-be criminals. They’re not a 100% guarantee but if a crook has the choice to break into a home with one of these or opt for one without, he’s likely heading to the one without.

2. Cancel your paper if you’re heading out of town. If you are like us and still receive an actual newspaper every morning, don’t forget to go on line and put a vacation hold on it while you’re away.

3. Know your neighbors. I’ve had to call my kind neighbors on numerous occasions when I’ve driven away and realized no one was home and the garage door was open. Embarrassed to say we’ve had a thoughtful neighbor tell us more than once that my wife’s car door was left open all night long. Not unlocked, mind you, but completely open. The fact that nothing was stolen says more about the state of mywife’s car than the remarkable security of our fine neighborhood. Three kids and a dog schlepped around all day and you get the picture of a minivan not even a criminal could love.

4. Get a house sitter. If you’re heading out of town, it’s probably a good idea to ask someone to stay at your house. It’s great to have someone take in your mail and packages but beyond that, the trend of would- be robbers is to take note of when residents are home. Often they’ll knock at the door to see who’s inside before taking any action. If someone is home, they’ll typically move on.

5. Technology is your friend. There is a new phenomenon called the RING video doorbell allowing you to answer your door from virtually anywhere whether you are upstairs or in Timbuktu. The doorbell rings and you can answer the door from your Smartphone. Monitors allow you to see who is ringing the bell and all interactions are preserved on video. Hope you never have to use it, but if you are ever concerned about a safety or security issue, you should call the Senior Lead Officer for our area, Mario Gonzales: 310-444-0740 or 310-622-3989.

Here’s to a safe summer season! Wishing you and all your neighbors a great one, and we hope these home safety tips help.

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