Interior Decorating Advice

Here’s a little Interior Decorating advice from Cheviot Hills resident and interior decorator Arlyne Elliot.

Q: Is a decorator worth the investment?
A:I think he or she is. A consultation (often charged) with a professional person will help you organize your needs and wants. Remember to have your questions ready. A good professional will tell you where to spend and where to save to achieve the look.
Q: I am on a budget. Can I get a good look?
A: Absolutely. Today much is available in all price ranges. It is important to define the look and the budget. Try Home Goods, Z Gallerie and Pier I. However, do not forget to mix and match different looks, textures and color. Everything will look richer. Sometimes you will luck out at a garage sale!
Q: I love tranquility but I need something special and conversational.
A: Oh, how fun. A chandelier in the center of the kitchen. I have done this several times and people love it. Try Lamps Plus. A funky poster in the powder room. A collection of colored glass bottles (different shapes and sizes) where light reflects AND hang a picture or mirror low — it will be seen and appreciated when someone sits on a chair or sofa.