how to get your home sold

So, not only do you want to know how to get your home sold, you also want to get it done in record time. Congratulations! Don’t be overwhelmed. Preparing your home for sale is actually a lot simpler than you may think and we’ve even narrowed it down to ten simple steps, so that the right buyer comes along in no time. Let’s start with the first step today and we’ll talk about another tomorrow. So, after ten days your house will be ready to be put on the market. How exciting!


First Step to getting your home ready for sale:

One of the most important steps to this easy process is to determine a price. You owe it to yourself and your largest investment to price your home aggressively yet competitively. But, not to worry because this is where we sit down together and have a lengthy chat about a variety of things.

We’ll talk about your goals in terms of what you hope to achieve financially by selling your home and then we will talk further about dozens of other factors including comparables, where the market is at the present time, the size of both your home and its lot, its location, the upgrades you have made to your home and more.

The key here to remember is the price of your home should not be determined by Zillow or any similar online real estate sites. Websites like that can provide a ballpark figure, maybe, but certainly not be relied upon for an accurate assessment of how much money you can expect to get for your home. Priced too high, your house could grow stale on the market. Priced too low, you’re leaving money on the table. Priced just right and, all of a sudden, heightened interest abounds, leading to a greater possibility of multiple offers resulting in the most amount of money you can get for your home.

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