10 easy steps how to get your home sold quickly

We’ve been exploring in 10 easy steps how to get your home sold quickly. Yesterday we talked about step number 1 which is pricing it correctly. The second step to successfully selling your house is:

2. Get it Professionally Staged!

When an actor prepares for the stage, he wears a costume, right? Well, this is really no different. When we live in our own house, it’s easy to get comfortable with its little quirks and nuances.  The way our furniture has always been laid out, the stacks of newspapers in the corner we’ve been holding on to for too long, the treasures and mementos gathering dust on the shelves… a professional stager (and I work with and can recommend some excellent ones) is like a fresh pair of eyes that can quickly size up what needs to be done cosmetically and aesthetically to get your home ready to be put on the market. Maybe it’s nothing more than some paint touch-ups and a few strategically placed throw pillows. Some jobs may require more extensive intervention and still other homes may be so darn perfect the stager wouldn’t have to do anything at all.

The bottom line is this: when preparing your home for sale, it’s extremely helpful to get an outsider’s nonbiased and expert opinion on how to brush up and polish the interiors. You would never take the stage without a costume, right?? Well, your house shouldn’t either!

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