How to get your home sold quickly - part 3

When it comes to how to get your home sold quickly, ten easy steps are really all it takes to bring your property to market. We’ve talked about the first two steps already: pricing it well and getting it staged. That leads us to today’s tip:

  1. Make Cosmetic Repairs:

While your stager has just addressed major design and appearance fixes, now it’s time to call your handyman (and we know of several who are smart, trustworthy, efficient and inexpensive) and deal with all those little problems that you’ve lived with for years. You know what I’m talking about!  All those tiny holes in the walls left behind after rearranging framed artwork? It’s now time to patch them up.  It’s also your chance to tighten loose doorknobs, replace fixtures, repaint major scuffs, address long ignored dead lightbulbs, stubborn doorjambs and figure out why some of those light switches stopped working.  It’s pretty embarrassing as a realtor to show a home and not be able to open up closets or doors because someone didn’t come through to fix all of those quirks beforehand. Especially, too, because they’re often so fixable! It’s crazy to not address these small issues because once a potential buyer thinks something ‘doesn’t work,’ then psychologically he’ll think the house isn’t worth asking price or just walk from the deal before even making an offer. So make a list, check it twice, and fix it up well before bringing your house to market.

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