getting your home sold quickly

For the past week we’ve been providing tips on getting your home sold quickly in ten easy steps.  Now that your home has been decluttered, staged and all those pesky little problems have been finally fixed, your home is finally ready for it’s close up.

Tip #6: Picture Perfect!

One of the key distinguishing factors between getting your home sold quickly and having a home that sits on the market a lot longer is how it’s presented to the public. A professional photographer truly makes a huge difference in accomplishing your goal to get your house sold fast and for the most money.  Trust me- a few hastily snapped shots from your iPhone will not do the trick.  Your home is now a supermodel and with that comes professional lighting, touch ups and a punishing diet (just kidding on that last part). The only way to treat a model of your home’s caliber is to hire a team of experienced professionals to shoot it well and portray it at its best.  These photos are the first things potential buyers see so the goal is to make them as picture perfect as possible.

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