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To market, to market

We’ve been giving you the easy, mostly DIY steps you need to take to get your home sold quickly.  In steps 1-6, amongst other topics, we’ve also covered repairs, staging, easy showings and great photography. Now we’re ready to talk about marketing and advertising your property.

Full Exposure:

Selling a house is definitely not your grandma’s game anymore. Technology has brought the business to a whole new level of marketing and it’s one the Ben Lee team has thoughtfully researched and (we hope) conquered.  There is the traditional way to market and we certainly still do all that encompasses: (using the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS; mailers, signs, banners, flags, newspaper ads, etcetera). We also have created community newsletters that get mailed to 9000 neighbors every month.  But the real trend in marketing is happening on line. This year I actually hired a new member to join our team and her sole goal is to get your property properly marketed on the internet. In addition to advertising your home extensively on my professional website, we are equally active using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your home as much exposure as globally possible. All of our listings appear on the websites that armchair home enthusiasts actively browse (Redfin, Zillow, etc.) and being affiliated with the largest brokerage company in the world (Coldwell Banker) means our network shares images and descriptions of your home to the farthest corners of the globe. No matter who you choose to work with to get your home sold, it is important that you ask about his/her marketing plan up front and throughout the entire process. You can’t successfully sell a home and know you’re getting the most money possible without absolutely full exposure and if your agent isn’t providing this, you need to find someone who does.

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