How to get your home sold quickly


It’s not hard to get ready to get your home sold! In fact, we’ve been going through the first of ten easy steps that you can do to get your house in tip-top showing shape before it hits the market. The goal is always to get the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time and these steps will help you achieve that. Today’s tip may be the easiest one yet!

Lighten up!

Before you get your house on the market, go to every room and make sure the light bulbs are alive and raring to go.  Make sure the windows are scrubbed and clean so all that beautiful, natural light can stream right in. Psychologically speaking, buyers respond much better to bright, airy spaces than darker ones so don’t be afraid to take stock of your lighting situation before you hit the market. That is the time to address it, certainly not on the day your home is making it’s open house debut!  So, take the time now when you’re in prep mode to triple check and make sure all the bulbs and switches are working and your windows are sparkling clean. These small and easy acts help ensure that a successful sale is the light at the end of the real estate tunnel.

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