houses with stairs
When it comes to selecting your dream home, it’s all about specifics with compromises.  We’ve talked about different ways to narrow your search so that you not just end up in a perfect home, but the perfect home for you and your loved ones. This means different things to different people so the key thing to remember is what do you really need in a home and to get as detailed with this your criteria as possible. Let’s talk about houses with stairs…

Houses With Stairs

One key factor to consider when narrowing down your search for a dream home may seem obvious yet is still important to note. Houses with stairs! You should consider in advance of buying a home if a second or third story is something you would like to have. Like most every detail to consider, there are pros and cons to a multi-level home. Studies have shown that there are considerable health benefits to living in a home with a second-floor. Climbing stairs multiple times a day is good for the heart and can keep an aging person firmly rooted in physical fitness and activity.

On the other hand, often stairs can become a hindrance if you’re older or infirmed and find them too difficult to successfully navigate.  Not to mention the added safety concerns if you happen to have a toddler or thinking about starting a family down the line.  Of course, baby gates are available to protect the little ones but it’s just one more element to consider.   Physical limitations aside, some people know in their hearts that their personal dream home includes a sweeping view of the land below. To achieve this, you very well may find a home perched high atop a hill. However, more often than not, to own a home with a beautiful view, a second or third story (with staircases) may be a necessity for you.  The good news is: adding an in-home elevator is very en vogue and relatively inexpensive these days, so should the need arise to add one – that’s a viable option, too.

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