your dream home

Dreams are on their way to becoming realities when it comes to buying your dream home. You’ll see from following our ten steps that you don’t need to be a kajillionaire in order to find the perfect house to suit your needs. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to reflect the neighborhood in which you’d like to reside, it’s time to get even more specific.

Street Smarts:

The key to finding your dream home is to not only choose your perfect neighborhood but to go so far as determining the kind of street on which you’d like to live, too. There are pros and cons to all different kinds of streets. Of course, the busier the street, the cheaper the property. Maybe the hustle and bustle of a busy boulevard isn’t a big deterrent, though, and this is how you will afford to live in a neighborhood that may have once been considered slightly out of financial reach. What other factors are there to consider? Some families prefer the idyllic comfort of a street with a cul-de-sac because it’s thought to be the safest (and most fun) for kids to play with friends. Others imagine their home on a corner because those lots are larger and you have more privacy with fewer neighbors. In order to find your true dream house, it would be smart to go to your chosen neighborhood and either drive or take a walk around (both at night and during the day) to determine what characteristics of a particular street make most sense for you and your family.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, when you’re ready to start searching for your next home, i’ll be happy to cater to your needs!

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