Our neighborhood farmers market is open every Sunday from 9am-2pm. Please support your local farmers by purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, hummus, nuts and more directly from the source. Social distancing and safety measures are enforced and these farmers really need our help during this trying time. Did you know you could pre-order a farm-to-table box online and pick it up on Sunday? Featuring a variety of fruits and vegetables straight from our local farmers, you can order a box for $28 by Thursday and it will be waiting for you at the Farmers Market on Sunday after 11am. I can vouch that these boxes are really delicious. Please visit the website at: www.motoravenuemarket.com to purchase a box as well as other goodies such as fresh breads, pastries and more. There is also a way to get items delivered right to your door if you are someone who should not be leavingthe house at this time. The market would love to find more volunteers to help with this service, however. If you are able to volunteer to make deliveries and help those in need, please contact: maia@motorassociation.org