As their family grows, Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly made an offer on a 30,000 square foot Bel Air mansion. Offer price – a cool $90 million.

After being outbid on a number of properties over the past few years, the power couple is now simply waiting for the deal to go through. If it does, they will become the proud owners of a glass contemporary estate that includes six structures, spanning across just over one and a half acres of land. Just some of the home’s amenities include four pools, a 15-car garage, and bullet-proof windows, along with a full basketball court, and living quarters for the staff.

Constructed by McKillen Developments, the newly built property – which is situated near Bel Air’s East Gate – will be the most expensive real estate sale so far this year in the LA area (inching out the $85 million sale of music producer David Geffen’s home in Malibu).

While Jay Z and Beyonce have lived in the area for many years, this deal will be the first for them in terms of home ownership. Although the home had not actually been listed for sale, it reportedly had an initial asking price of $135 million.