While you may be familiar with the terms “endless summer” and “aimless wandering,” if you’re in or around the streets of Beverly Hills, you might soon need to become accustomed to a more modern term – “driverless vehicles”.

That’s because the Hills may be slated to become a possible new testing area for these autonomous vehicles. Why Beverly Hills and not a more remote area in the vase U.S. of A?

One of the biggest reasons is because this particular locale could prove to offer a varied driving environment. And, that said variety, along with its commitment to safety, may also springboard Beverly Hills into yet a new world of additional transportation options.

For instance, just this last Spring, the City Council opted to begin developing an on-demand shuttle system that makes use of, yep, you guessed it, driverless vehicles. In order to move forward with this new “robotic” transport option, the city is said to be working in conjunction with both Carnegie Mellon University, as well as MIT, to assist with building the system.

Don’t be alarmed if you happen to pass a vehicle that has an empty driver’s seat.