Ever wonder where the “stars” of some of yesterday and today’s social media sites reside? Look no further than 1600 Vine Street, a 550-unit apartment complex located just a tad bit south of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood.

While they may not be appearing on the “big screen,” many of the videos that are produced here by the building’s residents – which by the way, include a baby monkey, a pony, and even a husky dog sporting pink ears – have been viewed billions of times online.

In fact, many people all around the globe can likely identify the more popular filming areas of the building, like the courtyard and the gym, as well as the walkways that are lined with well-recognized beige blocks.

Over the past few years, this complex – which commands monthly rents in the neighborhood of $2,500 – has been a particularly big draw among the “famous” stars of YouTube and Instagram. (And to the formerly well-known stars of the now-defunct short video app, Vine).

While names like Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita, and Paul and Jake Logan may not necessarily be as recognizable as the Kardashians, a fair number of these Internet actors, comedians, and social media influencers can – and often do – build up a similar following and net worth.

Take, for instance, Internet actor Ray Diaz, who shortly after moving into the iconic building built up more than 3 million online followers, and soon went from driving an Uber to driving a Bentley.