Hi, neighbors! Thank you to those who contacted me regarding the lips/bumps/jagged edges of your property’s sidewalk. I think it’s fair to say we share a frustration with the growing (and hazardous) sidewalk problems going on in our neighborhood. I have formally registered and entered each of your complaints with the city. Everything has been put in a queue/waitlist and at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) an inspector will take a look at each complaint in person and deem whether or not to award a permit in an effort to legally proceed with a licensed contractor to fix the problem. I’d prefer this to move a lot faster since we are tripping over these sidewalks (in an often publicly humiliating fashion, I might add!) but am unfortunately anchored by a bureaucratic procedure that may take a little bit of time. Speaking of time, it’s not too late to contact me about your sidewalk problems. Maybe if we continue to register each issue, it will be harder for the city to ignore? Shoot me an email with your address if you have a particularly nasty sidewalk that’s causing headaches for pedestrians, cyclists, etc. and I’ll follow up with the paperwork and a hopeful resolution! lillijlee@yahoo.com


Lili Lee