My wife was taking her daily walk around the neighborhood and came upon a woman who had just tripped over a significant lip in the sidewalk and fallen flat on her face. Dozens of worried neighbors stopped to make sure she was OK, offered their assistance, an ice pack, and a ride home. After bemoaning how little the city does to fix the hazardous sidewalks around town, Lilli asked a contractor friend of ours to fix the area so no one trips and stumbles there again. A nice gesture, yes, but also a temporary solution and mere band-aid for a larger problem at hand. Our sidewalks need fixing! Lilli is enlisting our son Mason’s help and the two of them are going to attempt to get the city to fix some of our most pressing sidewalk problems. If your property has one of these dangerous sidewalks, one that has developed a step instead of a flat surface or one that would make it dangerous or impossible for a person with a disability to navigate, please send an email to: and include your address. This is potentially a rather arduous process and navigating the City Hall system is never quick or easy. However, if you would like them to do the leg work and attempt to get those major sidewalk problems near your home fixed (all legally with permits, etc. and zero cost to you the homeowner) please send them a note today and they’ll get started!