If you conduct business or have other reason to make frequent trips to the east coast, then considering a home in the Hamptons may be an option. Yet, while you can easily find large, sprawling mansions in this locale, there is certainly something to be said about a much cozier abode.

Possibly it spawned from watching numerous episodes of “Tiny House Nation,” but regardless of what the motivation was, architects Ward Welch and Paul Rice make light of the fact that, at just over 500 square feet, they quite likely own the smallest home in the area. That being said, though, they are hardly at a loss for most modern conveniences.

Initially taking the home’s existing foundation, this couple has created a beautiful (and highly functional) residence from a former fishing lodge. Working from an impromptu plan, the duo converted the existing three-room property into two bedrooms (one master and one guest), and an open living and kitchen area. And, while the galley kitchen isn’t considered “spacious,” the couple was able to easily place an ample sized SubZero fridge, as well as an ample sized dishwasher. A beautiful fireplace in the living room helped to add the finishing touch.

With a tastefully appointed interior, the team also amped up the exterior space, including the addition of a year-round garden and stunning 300+ square foot back yard pool. Now that it’s all complete, Welsh and Rice state that they wouldn’t change a thing – including the amount of room that they have here. In all, it just goes to show that great things can still come in small spaces.

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