super lotto - did you buy your ticket?Did you buy your ticket yet??! It feels like the one and a half billion-dollar carrot dangling in front of Californian’s faces has taken the state over like the gold rush has returned. People I know whom normally scoff at Lottos begrudgingly bought a ticket or two or twenty.  

Logically, everyone knows the chances to win anything are miniscule. Less than miniscule! What’s a sliver of a percentage less than infinitesimal? Well, chop that number into 1/100000 and that’s about as close as any of us will come to getting a piece of this gargantuan money prize. I will admit that last night, my family and I were bit by the bug and decided to buy a couple of tickets.  All during dinner, a time when normally there is a tear or two or some bickering between my sons, there was nothing but absolute, serious discussion paid to what we would do if we were to win the money. Because we are the sorts of generous parents who offered to toss a few thousand dollars to each of the kids if we were to take home the big jackpot, the boys had some very specific plans as to what to do with their share of the prize.

My six year old was the first to offer what he would spend his cash on: a solid gold PlayStation 4. Interesting priority but very much in line with what his ultimate fantasy would be.  My eleven year old decided that the first thing he would buy would be the insanely expensive Lego sets that are thousands of dollars and no longer in popular circulation. Then, but only after the Legos were squared away, he would buy the Dodgers. He loves those Dodgers and if laying down a few hundred million for the chance to play catch with Clayton Kershawn whenever he wanted to, than that would be his prerogative. Our middle son, age 9, really wanted to buy the fanciest, funkiest electronic keyboard money could buy. The kind that had a lot of choices in picking different types of instruments to play the same tune. Maybe with a microphone attached so he could sing along should the mood strike. It would be his dream come true. My wife didn’t hesitate when it came to deciding what she would do with the money: a million to each of the boys’ schools and a handful of other charities we hold near and dear. After that was taken care of, then from the moment our winning number was called, no more flying coach. It would be first class air travel and presidential suites in every hotel we stayed in from now on.

When the discussion turned to what I would do with my share of the money, my first thought was: would I quit working? I thought about it for a brief moment and honest to goodness, my answer was sincere. I would not quit being a residential real estate broker. My love for the field is so pure that even with a billion and a half dollars added to my bank account, I would continue to bring people and homes together. My only concession to the statement was that I would concede to turn my phone off in the evening so I could have a few hours off every night to unwind and enjoy life, uninterrupted.

An hour from now, those Super Lotto numbers will be called. Good luck to the millions of you who waited in line at the local 7-11’s to buy a ticket or twenty. If you drive by our house tomorrow and are blinded by the golden PlayStation 4, deafened by the new keyboard playing, or catch Clayton in the front yard tossing a ball with our eldest, you’ll know he had a pretty freaking terrific Wednesday night!