How To Make Your Dream Home A Reality – Tip #3

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How to make your dream home a reality

We’ve been addressing the steps on how to make your dream home a reality. First, a concise list of ‘wants’ versus ‘needs.’ Next, a decision about style to help narrow down your search. Today’s tip on how to find your dream home: location!

Home is where the heart is:

Your dream home exists; now it’s just a question of finding it.  Think about your ideal location for a home and then begin there to find it. This may seem either obvious or unattainable but it’s really not. You may think your ideal neighborhood is that which has multi-million dollar properties or boasts neighbors that belong on red carpets. But take a second to consider other criteria other than status or hyped up popularity. Think about where you work or where your kids’ schools are. Commuting can be really rough on your quality of life and often these high profile neighborhoods are further from your daily destination than you’d like. There are so many hidden areas tucked within large cities that you may never have even heard of before. So, before you start your search, take some time to reevaluate where you want to be and possibly educate yourself on areas you’re currently unfamiliar with. Your dream house is out there~ now it’s up to you to find it!

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