As concern continues to mount over local terrorism, global unrest, and even recent climate change, there are some who’ve decided that it’s time to take cover. Literally. But in this case, you can forget about the idea of hiding in a concrete bomb shelter, the likes of the 1960s, with only basic rations for nourishment and a few random cots to get some shut-eye.

Rather, today’s “luxury” bunkers can feature anything from a 40-foot swimming pool, a bowling alley, a shooting range, a Jacuzzi / sauna, big screen TVs, and even a 12-stall horse shelter. And this isn’t just a one-time fluke. In fact, as tensions have risen lately, the sales of these upscale luxury bunkers have also gone up dramatically – particularly over the past year or so.

Bunker owners include a fairly lengthy list of names, which encompasses professional athletes, TV and movie stars, and even business icons such as Bill Gates – none of which want to miss a beat, even if the worst case scenario does happen to occur.

So, what will all of this cost you? Well, it depends on just how over the top – or, under the top, as it is – that you want to go. But typically, you could be looking at a price tag of anywhere from roughly $39,000 to $8 million plus.

If you’re not quite ready to reside 10 feet below the earth’s surface, there are plenty of above ground housing options that include safe rooms and other features that are well equipped to get you through almost any kind of disaster that we’ve seen so far to date.

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