Preparing Your Home For El Nino

We received a call from a reader asking us to publish a list of tips for preparing your home for El Nino rains. Happy to accommodate! Beyond investing in a strong umbrella, here are a few ways to prepare before the wet weather begins:

■ Clean out rain gutters and drains- you don’t want leaves, dirt and debris preventing rain water to flow. If you don’t have gutters, now’s the time to install them. You can also invest in rain barrels to collect all the water and use at a later date.

■ Cover bare spots in the yard. You can use mulch, pavers or artificial grass to prevent muddy messes from getting out of control.

■ Fix window leaks and weather stripping. This is the time to make sure the rain stays outside and not inside your living room.

■ Check/fix stucco cracks.Hairline fractures are probably OK but larger cracks may be disastrous once the rains start. You may want to get the bigger cracks patched up.

■ Check your roof.Consider having a professional out to make sure your roof will withstand the storms. If it’s old, damaged or sagging, now is the time to repair.

■ Hillsides- Consider using a biodegradable jute landscape fabric to keep dirt in place. You can plant erosion control foliage in spots so that the fabric will disappear when the plant roots take hold and start to grow. We have a list of trusted vendors who can help with putting these tips into action so feel free to call my office if you have any needs or questions: 310-858-5489

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