tom hanks rita wilson
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – a Hollywood couple that has defied the odds and stayed together for nearly 29 years – have recently let go of a pair of Pacific Palisades homes that are ironically, right next door to one another.

One of the homes is a Spanish style, 4,000 square foot abode that was reportedly built back in 1933. The second, a 60-year-old English themed home, consists of more than 7,300 feet of living space.

After being on the market for nearly a year, Hanks and Wilson took in a combined $17.5 million for the side-by-side properties – which were recently purchased together by one single buyer, and were initially obtained by Hanks and Wilson for a combined $13 million. Based on these figures, the couple stands to make a nice profit on the sale. Another home in the immediate vicinity was also sold by Hanks and Wilson in 2013.

However, the power couple, who are obviously big fans of the neighborhood, is still hanging on to yet another Pacific Palisades property that is also right next door – a larger, roughly 14,500 square foot mansion – which they reportedly picked up in 2010 for approximately $26 million and likely use as their primary residence. In addition, the couple owns a large home in the Sun Valley, Idaho, Rocky Mountain ski community.