When Barack Obama leaves the office of President early next year, he and his family have plans to lease a 9-bedroom mansion in the Washington, DC area. But, that won’t likely be the only place that the Obama family will soon be calling home.

According to the New York Post, the Obamas will also be settling for part of the year in the desert community of Rancho Mirage. At the present time, there aren’t a plethora of details, but rumor has it that the soon-to-be former first family has purchased the southern California home – which is not far from the Sunnylands Estate, where a number of presidents have stayed in the past – as a supplement to their east coast digs.

Rancho Mirage has a lot to offer the former President and his family – including a dozen pristine golf courses. And, with its permanent resident population only in the 3,000 range, it can also provide a great deal of privacy.

While it remains to be seen just how much of the year the family will be residing in Rancho Mirage, this home can be a good stopping off point for trips to the family’s holiday getaway, which is located in Barack’s home state of Hawaii.

Over the next few years, at least, the Obamas do plan to spend at least a fair amount of their time in the Washington, DC locale, as youngest daughter Sasha will be completing her high school studies in her current school.

But, as the changing of the guard looms closer, don’t be surprised if you see the Obama’s frequenting both of the U.S. coasts.