dream home a reality

You have your heart set on making your dream home a reality. Congratulations! It’s an exciting time. No need to let reality convince you that your dream home is unattainable. The first step to achieving the home of your dreams was to create a list of ‘wants’ versus ‘needs.’ Now that you have established a good list of ‘needs’, it’s time to look good.

In Style: 
Most buyers have a particular architectural style that they gravitate towards. Some people love modern, others favor traditional. There are countless styles to consider including Spanish, Mediterranean, Tudor, Contemporary, Neo-Classical and literally dozens of others in between. If you’re a single home buyer, then the battle is already won. You can start your search with a focus towards the type of home you imagine yourself living in. Couples, however, often find themselves needing to compromise when it comes to choosing the architectural style of the home they’ll be sharing together. Some individuals may not have a particular preference while others wouldn’t be caught dead living in a home that doesn’t suit  their style sensibilities. If you are part of a couple with strong yet differing opinions  with regards to the style of your future home, it’s important to negotiate likes and dislikes before beginning your dream home search.

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