Tips for Moving Homes With Kids

One common source of stress for families who have sold their homes is facing the daunting task of moving a household with young children in tow.   Take heart in knowing that generations of parents have done it every day and it doesn’t have to be as torturous as it may seem. We’ve compiled some easy tips for moving homes with kids to hopefully make the road to your new home a smooth one, taking into consideration the wants, needs and demands of the youngest members of your family.

Tip 1:

Make small talk
Involving your young children through conversation early on in the process is key. Have a family meeting and share with them why moving is the right decision for your family. Discuss how the new house will be different and how their lives may be affected directly. Make sure you listen to them in return, as well. They may have many questions about this change in all of your lives. There very well may be a certain amount of anxiety and excitement, too. No one knows your children as well as you do be sure and set some time aside to address any concerns they may have. Assure them that the possessions they hold near and dear will be coming with them on the move and while the new house may be different, those who love them remain the same.  And keep in mind kids seem totally fine one minute and then ten seconds later something triggers an emotional reaction. As long as the doors of communication continue to remain open, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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