tips for moving homes

We’re talking about tips for moving homes with kids. The first tip was to remind you that communication is key. Kids are less afraid of moving if they know what to expect. Tip #2 helps sweeten the deal.

From Trash to Treasure:

It’s essential to purge some of your belongings before packing up to move so why not throw a fun garage sale and ask your children to get involved? If they’re old enough to appreciate earning a few extra dollars, perhaps you can offer that they can keep the cash from the sale of the items they’ve decided to donate. Maybe they can take that money and buy something special for their new house? If they’re too young to actively participate in the sale itself, maybe they can man the lemonade stand or pass out yummy treats to passers by. If a garage sale isn’t your speed, maybe you can teach your children the importance of a charitable donation instead. They’re never too young to appreciate that what they’ve outgrown might make another child very happy. A nice message for adults to be reminded of, too!

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