Moving Homes

Moving homes with children may seem daunting but we’re sharing some tips about how to do it as smoothly and easily as possible. The first tip is to talk about the move, why it’s happening and how it affects your children directly. Then, you can involve your children by hosting a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. Tip #3 comes courtesy of The Beatles.

With A Little Help from my Friends:

It’s important to note that moving homes is hard, regardless of doing so with small children. You can and should ask for as much help as possible from friends, family, neighbors and the professionals.  There are companies that will come to your home to pack you, hire and oversee the professional movers and then come to your new home (provided it’s in the vicinity) and unpack your items and put them away for you. Perhaps you don’t need that kind of help but it definitely exists should you need it (and are fine paying the high price tag for it). Often in exchange for pizza or a similar offering, friends and family will help you pack and move. Utilize them if they offer to do this because no one should have to do it alone. Maybe your friends/family are unable to do the physical heavy lifting of packing and moving but are anxious to help in another way?  Ask them to take your kids to a few movies or the park on moving day.  Having them out from underfoot and in the care of someone you trust is one less thing you’ll have to worry about while moving homes.

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