Tips for Moving Homes With Kids

You’re moving into a new home- hooray! Very exciting. It’s also a lot of work, especially if you’re blessed with having young children to accommodate during the ordeal. That’s why we’re going through some of our easy tips for moving homes with kids to help make the process a little bit easier. Tip #4 involves your kids without causing too much undue stress for you.

A Packed House:

A nice thing to do is let your kids help pack a box of some of their toys and then, on moving day, let your kids unpack that same box after it arrives at their new house. They’ll see that their belongings have traveled and are still in one piece and it will give them that feeling of stability that their whole world hasn’t been totally thrown upside down as a result of the move. Another good idea is to pack a box of essentials for the entire family and label it: NUMBER 1 or OPEN FIRST or something similar. What does your family really need that you will want upon arrival assuming you won’t have the time or energy to unpack all the other boxes to find it? Maybe it’s toothbrushes, toilet paper, medicines, toiletries, the coffeemaker and cellular phone chargers? It’s also a good idea to include some handy snacks and food for your pets, too. Whatever your crucial items are, put them in one box together so that when you get to the new house you don’t have to waste any time looking for what will really make you all feel right at home.

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