moving homes with kids

Moving homes with kids into a new home with small children in tow may seem stressful but as we’ve explored in tips 1-4, it really doesn’t have to be too terrible. Now that we’re half way through the list, it’s time to look at ways to not make it just bearable but actually a fun experience.

Party on:
A nice idea that might cheer your child up if he/she has trepidation regarding the big move is to throw yourselves a going away party. Treat your house like a friend who’s supported you well and throw a party in its honor. Cake, ice cream, decorations… the works! Invite your friends and family who’ve spent a lot of time there and who have good memories of times well spent. Take many pictures of the different rooms of your home and consider turning those photos into a bound book for your children to look back on fondly. Then, after moving into your new home, throw a party there, too! A party to welcome your friends and family into the new space that will provide the next wave of memories for everyone to enjoy and share together.

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