Tips for Moving Homes

We’re talking about the difficult Part of what makes kids tough to deal with sometimes is they’re opinionated and sometimes we are too busy and self-absorbed with what we’re doing to give them a chance to be heard. So, today’s tip for successfully moving homes while handling your children: give them a job to do.

Help Wanted:

Children really do value being heard so to ensure a smooth move-in day, it behooves you to let them help in making a decision or two that pertains to the house. Do you have a playroom set aside for their use? Maybe they can offer suggestions as to what color the walls should be.  Perhaps they could pick out some art for the walls in their rooms. Maybe it’s a small linen closet at the end of the hall but they had a hand in choosing where the shelves should go. Whatever you decide to do, let your little ones have some ownership of one or two decisions. Obviously, they should be limited and politely guided so that your living room or kitchen doesn’t end up a bright shade of magenta! But a little really does go a long way in terms of letting them feel like this is their house, too.

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